Imagine getting your bid letter written by a person who has never written a bid before or better a person who knows what the contract is about but isn’t able to put it into words. A Bid letter written in such a manner lacks the power to attract and keep the client hooked to the letter.

On the other hand, a professional Bid writing service, provided by experts in the field, can help you and your organisation to save time and money which would have otherwise been wasted and, ultimately, better spent doing what you are best at. Bid writing is KIC’s trump card. The company is well versed in preparing professional project methodologies, outputs, budget plans and compiling administrative information. KIC takes care of the Management of commenting and review rounds amongst all project partners. With the kind of expertise we have in bid writing, we are bound to present a professional and winning product.

There are many kinds of bids, just as there are many kinds of projects. The bidding process is a key sales activity for most service- and product-oriented organizations. The principles of bid writing apply equally across the scale from the very small to the very large project.

Principally, KIC focus on commercial bidding/tenders, usually resulting in one of several possible suppliers (known as a Consortium) being awarded a contract to execute a project or programme of work. KIC’s experience dealing with these types of projects is impressive stemming from SIMBASERADIOACTIVE and HAPHE to PASCL, IDEAS and PHEXCEL.

KIC can also assert that the successful bid rests on three key principles. A good organization of the work to be undertaken is fundamental to a successful bidding process, persuasion is also necessary for the bid to succeed and establishing the project framework based on guidelines and procedures is the key to a successful project.


The bid must be written on time. There are no excuses if the submission deadline is missed. KIC is used to working under pressure and the team’s organisational skills are second to none. A great deal of preparatory work needs to be done even before any words are written. The bid is a mini-project in its own right, and that is where KIC usually excels.

Persuade (’Convincere’)

It is not enough to have an excellent solution and a rock-solid delivery strategy: one has to convince the client that this proposal is winning-material. It sounds obvious, but KIC doesn’t assume the client will recognize all the brilliant aspects of the solution presented by the company. KIC wants to ‘con-vince’ you that the project is viable. We want to ‘win with you’ and ensure that the client’s and company’s success is merged.

Establishing the project framework

Establishing a good framework based on priorities such as ERASMUS+ or Horizon 2020 goals is vital in ensuring the project will be successful. KIC will be tasked making the hard decisions to ensure that the project concerned will be winnable and professional.

Building the framework of the project is a lot like planning, but with subtle differences. In a framework, the spaces are just as important as the structure: they provide flexibility. Whilst the gross dimensions of the structure are tied down, the fabric and the finishing details may still be varied.

KIC will pinpoint to clients that: the plan that one submits in the bid can never be as detailed as the plan created during project start-up. A detailed proposal is always to be welcomed, but it needs to be based on solid planning, not hurried guesswork. This is where KIC’s experience will start to tell during the course of the proceedings.

Clients should always choose a trained, professional to do the job as opposed to choosing a member of staff who is untrained and inexperienced in the tasks that need to be completed. If clients choose to hire KIC, then their organisation is certainly much more likely to benefit from an increased number of successful new projects.

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