Micro-credentials are increasingly seen as a means to fill the gap between traditional study programmes and the evolving demands for skills that jobs require, enabling students to assemble portfolios of learning from across higher education institutions (HEIs) to make up new forms of qualifications. MicroCredX will prepare HEIs to take advantage of the opportunities of unbundled, flexible, virtual learning provision, help them to identify and dismantle barriers to creating their own micro-credentials, and support the establishment of a network of HEIs who mutually recognise each other’s micro-credentials for access and progression.

Full Project Name

MicrocredX – Micro-Credentials Exchange



KIC's role

KIC has been developing a Micro-Credentialing Opportunity Analysis Tool in collaboration with DHBW, MU and the rest of the project consortium. The tool is one of the first key project results to increase the degree of possibilities for institutional micro-credential (MC) provision. The tool supports instiutions in designing MC strategies, in turn assisting them in meeting their overall mission and institutional objectives. In this KIC has identified the contribution MCs can make to specific institutional priorities with measurable indicators; validated a generic, reusable tool that any HEI can use to implement their own micro-credentialing strategy. Another role of KIC in the project is to lead the development of a Micro-Credential Catalogue the third project result. As students need to be able to (a) discover MCs which they are entitled to take, (b) enrol in the courses leading to said MCs, (c) receive certification for their achievements and (d) transfer that information to their host institutions – KIC is in the process of developing the MicroCredX Platform by adapting existing technology and using the Europass Learning Model to publish data of 37 courses in an online catalogue.


Collaborating with other organizations is an important part of our work. We are proud to work with a number of reputable partners. 

Outputs & publications

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