LCAMP will tackle the challenges of the ‘5th Industrial revolution’ – the need to re-educate up to 50% of people in the Industry, by incorporating a permanent European Platform of Vocational Excellence for Advanced Manufacturing, seeded from a consortium of 20 partners and over 50 associate organisations including leading VET/HVET centres, companies, regional government, R&D centres, associations of companies and clusters.

LCAMP is an international project dedicated to shaping a sustainable future for Advanced Manufacturing, starting with the learner. It strives to establish itself as the leading European hub for knowledge creation, sharing, collaboration, and service delivery within the VET/HVET centres and companies in the Advanced Manufacturing sector. LCAMP fosters enhanced cooperation and networking between VET/HVET institutions and companies, to bridge skill gaps in the industry and facilitate knowledge transfer. The project’s strategic objectives encompass the development of mechanisms to define future skills, personalized learning pathways for learners, and the recognition of relevant micro-credentials. To achieve this, LCAMP is setting up an online platform comprising an Advanced Manufacturing-focused future trends Observatory, an Open Innovation Community, and a Collaborative Learning Factory, while fostering synergy with other EU initiatives to ensure long-term sustainability. LCAMP’s overarching mission is to bolster regional Advanced Manufacturing Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) in preparing and empowering both young and adult students for the challenges posed by digital and green transitions.

Full Project Name

LCAMP – Learner-Centric Advanced Manufacturing Platform for Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs)



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KIC's role

Within LCAMP, KIC is responsible for the LCAMP platform development, data management, the development of online tools for different stakeholders – from the learner to the academic institutions and regional businesses working in the Advanced Manufacturing sector – and, finally, for the smooth and sustainable running of all services available on the LCAMP platform.

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Collaborating with other organizations is an important part of our work. We are proud to work with a number of reputable partners. 

Outputs & publications

Read through our latest outputs and publications. You can stay apprised of the current happenings in the industry, while at the same time exploring other topics of interest. Take a look around and stay informed.

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