Dual / PHE regional engagement

Dual / PHE regional engagement

The EU Modernisation Agenda for Higher Education aims to reform itself to meet labour market requirements and promote graduates’ employability. It calls for higher education to go beyond education and research and support training, research, and innovation for economic development.

A key part of the EU Modernisation Agenda for Higher Education is to reform itself to meet the requirements of the labour market with emphasis on relevant skills, qualifications and graduates employability. It requires Higher Education to go beyond the traditional model Education-Research and support the continuum training – research – innovation / businesses / economic development with the objective to contribute to the development of a European area of Higher Education, research and innovation, based on common and shared values, that will support European competitiveness and address societal and environmental challenges.

Current developments call for modernised, effective, inclusive, and excellent higher dual systems that have an impact on meeting labour market needs and societal challenges. It is necessary to continue to further develop higher dual systems as an attractive and high-quality pathway for jobs and life.

Most activities are related to (1) policy dialogue and (2) institutional engagement, specifically:

  • Engaging with relevant stakeholders in dialogue, to understand the main challenges which need to be addressed to accelerate change & innovation in the area
  • Locate best-practice examples of relevant interventions and tools from around the world, which have been shown to be effective in addressing the identified challenges
  • Work with stakeholders in each country, to design interventions at institutional, regional and national level which will address the policy challenges, based on an evidence-based approach.
  • Communicate the need and methodology for the interventions to relevant policy & decision-makers, and provide a monitoring framework for measuring the progress and impact of interventions.