Anthony F. Camilleri
Senior Partner

Anthony F. Camilleri has 15+ years of experience in Higher Education, digital innovation, learning innovation and quality assurance. He is an expert in micro-credentials with 10 years of work and research, including coordinating multiple E+ projects and presenting 25+ keynote presentations on micro-credential guidelines and best practices.

He serves as secretary for the International Standard Organisation PC288/WG1 responsible for drafting a standard for Quality Management in Educational Organizations. Previously, he held the position of Quality Services Manager at EFQUEL and managed a range of e-learning quality certifications. He has proposed a learning passport model for recognition of open learning credits. With experience as a QA Reviewer and trainer for QA institutions across Europe, Anthony is well-versed in quality assurance in higher education.

He is a native English speaker with fluency in Maltese and good knowledge of Italian, with basic knowledge of Slovenian and German.

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