Demystifying Micro-Credentials: A Deep Dive into the Concept

Originally published: 2023

Working on the development of the roadmap for “Micro-Credentials in Turkey”, KIC colleagues Anthony F. Camillieri and Martina Darmanin met with stakeholders in Ankara and presented possibilities to advance the Turkish vocational education and training context in Europe.

In the scope of TUYEP project, co-funded by European Union and the Republic of Türkiye, KIC representatives held several training sessions with the following topics in mind:

  • What are megatrends in HE?
  • What are our common challenges?
  • What are micro-credentials and why should we care?
  • Is the focus shifting from qualifications & professions to skills?
  • Are the degrees & qualifications losing value as currency for employment?
  • How can the existing standards and cooperation mechanisms in formal education open doorways for more in-demand flexible education?

The emphasis centered on two prominent megatrends:

  • the rise of high-quality micro-credentials and
  • the expansion of non-accredited higher education.

The discussions encompassed a spectrum of both simple and challenging ideas, along with a strategic roadmap for enhancing the adoption of micro-credentials.