Artificial Intelligence for Adult Education

Originally published: 2023

The 14th Annual Conference on Adult Education, organized by Slovene Ministry of Education and Slovenian Institute for Adult Education, took place on 17-18 Oct 2023 in Portorož, Slovenija. The event tackled topics such as climate, health, financial and media literacy, AI, EuroSkills, as well as European and national challenges in adult learning.

The Knowledge Innovation Centre contributed to the event with Senior Partner Anthony Fisher Camilleri taking the stage, shedding some light on the topic of Artificial Intelligence for Adult Education. He offered interesting insights and raised important questions, such as:

  • A skeptical view of use cases for AI in adult learning;
  • Generalized LLMs for general skills & Specialized LLMs for specialized skills:
  • Short-term implications of use of AI;
  • Change in job market and influence on net job creation;
  • Probability of attaining the holy grail of AI use in education- low-cost high-quality personalized learning;
  • Paranoid vs. inspired responses to AI;
  • The future of AI in education with 2 scenarios;
  • Finally, some boring important questions that need answering sooner rather than later.
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