The VET21001 project aims to develop a capacity building program, an accredited certification scheme and an implementation toolkit to motivate a wider EQAVET adoption.

The VET21001 toolkit will use a standardized approach based on the recently published ISO 21001:2018, capitalizing on its already internationally consensually approved content and expecting that, by associating the ISO brand to EQAVET, all players in the market, including those of the standardization, accreditation and certification worlds, will become more curious about it, as well as willing to contribute to its dissemination and assuring its sustainability.

Full Project Name

VET21001 – Improving VET through Standards



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KIC's role

KIC has been acting as a scientific coordinator in majority of projects, contributing with expertise in quality management and standardization; revising, validating and editing the major intellectual outputs and final publications of the projects; and for promoting their results among stakeholders. Adding to this research work in VET, KIC staff was deeply involved in the development of the recently published ISO 21001:2018, the first ISO management system standard specifically designed to meet the needs of the education sector.

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Collaborating with other organizations is an important part of our work. We are proud to work with a number of reputable partners. 

Outputs & publications

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