Author: Sandra Feliciano

RECAPHE Research Competence Framework

Professional Higher Education Institutions play an important role in
enhancing European competitiveness and innovation capacity, especially on
the regional level where they act as connectors and crucial links between the
regional SMEs, regional organisations and society.
However, further support is needed for development and enhancement of
staff capacity to engage into applied research & innovation activities, link
these to teaching and develop relevant ways for engagement of students in
these activities.
The RECAPHE project, therefore, aims to broaden insight and awareness of
applied research & innovation activities within Professional Higher Education
Institutions in Europe and to create a platform for imparting further
competences to research staff and students related to their specific
experience and needs.

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Geriatrics E-Learning Model GNurseSIM

Globally, the number of people over the age of 60 is expected to more than double by 2050. Diseases associated with ageing are identified by the World Health Organization as being a major global health challenge that future healthcare providers must be prepared to meet. Simulation is a safe way to train healthcare providers to provide effective care for older people and their families. GNurseSIM supports higher education institutions to provide students in geriatric
nursing with opportunities during their training, to practice skills of
adopting a multidisciplinary holistic approach to the care of older

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Apprenticeship Quality Toolkit

The Apprenticeship Quality Toolkit follows a quality management system style approach as defined by ISO. It is designed considering the need to control eight critical processes within professional Higher Education and SMEs. It Includes sections on:

For Professional Higher Education Institutions:

Setting the learning objectives of the overall programme
Identifying and recruiting placements
Negotiating the agreement
Monitoring of apprenticeships
Assessment of apprenticeships

For Small and Medium Enterprises

Creating positions for apprentices
Negotiating the agreement
Managing the apprenticeship

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