#Mult!nclude project is conceived to elicit, promote and disseminate some good ideas that were developed in different parts of the world, in particular in Europe. The goal is to contribute to the dissemination of good practices. The aim is to identify ideas and proven practices that have the potential to be implemented with small investment and can be disseminated, replicated and scaled up. A specific focus is to look particularly for evidence of success and for evidence of flexibility – ideas that can be translated and adapted in different contexts with small changes to the specific conditions of those new contexts. The project is looking for alternatives for large-scale public investments, revisiting and trying to find ways to improve through new policies that are a better respond on the growing needs of current societies.

Once these ideas have been identified, the project intends to operationalise the lessons learned by incorporating them into the inclusion strategies of schools, as well as through teaching and learning training by teachers around Europe to better work with communities on inclusion issues.

Full Project Name

Multiplying evidence based strategies for inclusion (#Mult!nclude)



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KIC's role

KIC has extensive experience in Open Education, MOOCs and eLearning development, especially from the point of view of quality assurance. The aim for EDUHACK is to help create a reproduceable, modular training which can help any set of educational institutions in Europe to upgrade the digital skills of their teaching staff, in line with our goal to promote innovation in education. During #Multinclude, KIC will do research on the international context, as well as facilitate the community-building activities.

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Collaborating with other organizations is an important part of our work. We are proud to work with a number of reputable partners. 

Outputs & publications

Read through our latest outputs and publications. You can stay apprised of the current happenings in the industry, while at the same time exploring other topics of interest. Take a look around and stay informed.

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