The project will produce a database of good practices of IDEA offices and approaches, guidelines on how to set up IDEA offices and infrastructure, capacity building peer-learning activities, and a community of practitioners centered around knowledge-sharing, future trends, and cooperation. These outputs will serve as strategic plans and implementation milestones of a campus-wide diversity plan and innovation system.

The project acknowledges that addressing and correcting inequities takes time and a variety of voices and perspectives to ensure that one person’s stepping-stone does not become another’s obstacle. The IDEA-net consortium will commit three years to continuous service improvement, grow, learn, exchange and realize how different national contexts impact the work of IDEA offices, and tailor interventions to various academic infrastructures.

Full Project Name

Expanding the network of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA) practitioners in higher education through institutional capacity building



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KIC's role

KIC provides specific expertise on the IDEA-net management system design, including a dashboard for the evaluation of the project’s quality assurance and risk indicators and an administrative portal for recording timesheets, budget usage and daily rates. KIC is also responsible for the IDEA-net project website and visual identity. A database of good practices of IDEA offices worldwide and a guideline on setting up such offices targeted towards the partnering universities in the Western Balkans are among the key outputs one can expect on the IDEA-net website, providing a methodological toolbox to furthering inclusion and inclusive learning pathways among institutions which lack structured plans for such policy priorities. Another role of KIC is dissemination and community engagement through the development of a Community of Practice for IDEA practitioners to exchange knowledge and cultivate sustainable, inter-connected networks of good practices.

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Collaborating with other organizations is an important part of our work. We are proud to work with a number of reputable partners. 

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