The #IBelong project is an innovative programme of evidence-informed interventions to improve students’ sense of belonging and success in higher education, through creating a more inclusive learning environments. #IBelong focuses on – but is not limited to – ethnic minority students and first-generation entrants in higher education.

Central in the #IBelong programme are a suite of interventions that operate at course programme level, engaging first year students, student-peer mentors and the staff team to improve diverse students’ belonging and success. The three interventions interact as a suite of activities to improve students’ belonging, continuation and attainment.

Full Project Name

Towards a Sense of Belonging in an Inclusive Learning Environment (#IBelong)



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KIC's role

KIC will assure project’s high-quality impact by communicating project’s results during the project and disseminating project’s approaches, results, practices and associated resources upon project completion to the European field of higher education institutions. KIC will also assist partners in ensuring that all project outputs are designed from the outset for transfer, multiplication and upscaling to other educational organisations around Europe.

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Collaborating with other organizations is an important part of our work. We are proud to work with a number of reputable partners. 

Outputs & publications

Read through our latest outputs and publications. You can stay apprised of the current happenings in the industry, while at the same time exploring other topics of interest. Take a look around and stay informed.

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