In today’s world, having a great website ensures your visibility and professionalism. Drawing on our experiences of website management – we welcome clients to entrust us with their needs and expectations and allow us to present them a great website for their companies/organisations. Business development is always linked with having a good website. This may be the first line of communication between your company and potential guests or visitors. The great advantage of website development company and website design company is that the website will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be viewed from anywhere in the world. Therefore anyone can collect suitable information from the website at any time.

In today’s business environment and to beat the competition large or small companies definitely need to develop a good website. Many business owners use the excuse that their business is “word-of-mouth” and they do not need a website. Therefore, a great way to reinforce the personal recommendations of other clients is through professional website development. Web development services help your company to increase product knowledge, maintain communication between you and potential clients, sell your products or services, generate leads for the business, and increase the popularity of your company and much more. Web Development has certainly emerged as an industry in the last decade. In the field of website development, a company or a person develops web sites to be placed on the World Wide Web. The number of websites on the web are increasing at a very fast pace. The web developers and web designers make a good amount of money while constructing these web sites. Web development is a field which can pay you a lot if you are interested in taking it seriously. At present the number of web sites on the web is in millions. Thus website development can be used as a tool to make money online these days.

In this connection, KIC can…

Give a website purpose! A website is nothing without its purpose. The Company will ensure that the site is restricted to one or two pages.

Give users direction! If a visitor is lost, that means you lost the visitor. KIC can ensure that all visitors will be able to flow through a well-organized website. At any time they should be able to figure out where they are on your website and an easy way to get back to the home page. Often times this is by clicking on the logo or “home” right next to it.

Give users content! KIC understands that visitors are not going to spend hours on researching products/services. Hence, we live in a society where we want what we came for quickly. Your content should give them this. Bullet points are perfect for making lists stand out. If you find this article and want to know what gives a website “good flow”, I bet you could find it within 5 seconds.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a form of internet marketing that places your websites higher in Google search results to hopefully result in higher organic traffic and conversions. That’s a textbook definition at least; a simplified version is: SEO gets you found on the Web. Without it you might as well be invisible because nobody will find you unless you tell them about it in some other way, such as in person. Well if you tell them in person, they already know about you! Now your website is just reinforcing what you told them, which could be achieved in other cheaper ways like a business card. Without SEO, your web design is unseen, unheard of, and in many cases flat out useless. Designing a website can be frustrating when you want to leave options open for optimizing later, or simultaneously. It can change the way you expected it to flow and require you to adjust accordingly. It can also give you work you didn’t expect to be doing in the first place. For example, your images need alt tags…all of them. You should view these changes as an improvement, not an inconvenience! These changes should result in a successful website that thrives.


Many designers build a website hand it to the owner of the company and wish them luck. Sorry, your design isn’t “finished” yet. Look at the website closely and critique it. Writers don’t write a book and throw it on the shelves; they edit it themselves, and then give it to someone else to edit. Your web design will have flaws. Find them, address them, and revise it again. I find broken links all the time on websites that are “finished”. Broken links make your website seem uncared for, and will result in a lower conversion rate. If I am looking for information and you claim to have it, I expect the link to work when I click it. Functionality doesn’t stem from just broken links. Unintentional white space, horizontal scroll bars, and ridiculous fonts are found on “professional” websites all the time and should be addressed quickly

Our Graphic Design and Web Support experts will certainly present a package which will tailor your needs and aspirations. Have a look at some of the work KIC has undertaken during the past two years.

Some examples of our work

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