Ever wondered how best to manage online events? Look no further than KIC Ltd. We look forward to presenting prospective clients with designs of Event Formats, the Staging and setting up of event-rooms, registrations, training of event-presenters, rehearsals, live-support of event, recording and post-editing, communication with participants throughout event, collecting feedback etc.

From online formats and event planners, KIC is more than capable of dealing with the most rigorous of events. More often than not, KIC will commenced by developing a custom-built tool which can be managed by a number of organisations managing the event. The web tool will be user-friendly, cost effective and professional. Moreover, as KIC has worked with a number of consultative groups, the company will also provide on the spot training of the system to introduce stakeholders to its method of management and help people concerned develop an elaborate work plan based on the event. Generally speaking, KIC’s mantra has always been that a successful meeting requires the following roles: an Event Manager, a Community Manager, an Event host, an Event rapporteur, technical support and event speakers. KIC will be more than willing to meet up and discuss planning and logistics to ensure the event is successful.

Knowledge Innovation Centre will also help clients:

  • Use online registration software to maximize staff productivity and increase response rates. The days of handling registrations on paper are over, along with the confusion, headaches, and mistakes that often accompany those archaic methods.
  • Promote events on branded event websites.
  • Collect critical registrant data. Instead of collecting information from your attendees and keying that data into another program, KIC’s solution lets your attendees enter their own information that you can oversee and extract.
  • Build a dynamic, multi-track, multi-session online event registration process. KIC’s online management systems gives you the option to let attendees sign up for different “tracks” or themed sessions, or even pick and choose from different sessions to make their own dynamic track throughout the course of the overall event.
  • Quickly design simple events to save time. KIC will clients with a large selection of attractive registration page templates. Meeting planners can use these pages as is, or use them as a starting point for customization. Our templates are great for when you need to launch these pages in a hurry, or if you don’t have adequate resources to develop a custom page.
  • Restrict registration by email address, registration code or a unique ID assigned to each invitee. Some information or particular sessions at an event might not be meant for every invitee. With the options made available by KIC’s registration solution, setting these restrictions and permissions is an easy task.
  • Create custom name badges and mailing labels. Once registration is closed and all information has been collected from attendees, you can quickly and easily extract that data and populate it into name badges for attendees to wear during events. The same process can be used for generating mailing labels or certificates.
  • Use our registration services to register, modify, cancel and refund attendees—or allow registrants to do this themselves. Allowing users to handle this themselves via use of a confirmation number or email address is a major time-saver when managing events.
  • Upload and display documents such as exhibitor rules, brochures or trade show layout maps.
  • Set up event approval permissions which require certain users to get approval for their events before launch. If your organization has a large meeting and event program you may have several people on your staff using KIC’s online event registration software. With this feature you can set permissions and limitations for some users to restrict their access to create, edit and launch events.
  • Activate an automated wait list to limit capacity to the event or to particular sessions. Whether there simply isn’t going to be enough room for everyone who wants to attend a session, or you are branding an event as an exclusive event and want to limit capacity, setting up a waitlist is a simple task.
  • Personalize registration pages with custom fields such as “t-shirt size” or “Membership ID.”
  • Use an HTML editor to easily customize web-based forms with graphics and logos to match organizational branding. While not every KIC client will need a custom design, it is a great way to set your registration pages and event pages apart from others, and to create a seamless experience from your organization’s website to your event.
  • Let us do the worrying for you – as we strive to present all customers with an Online Event Management system which will ensure that you need not worry about any organisational qualms or problems.
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