There are three kinds of companies.

‘Those that make things happen.

Those that watch things happen.

Those that wonder what happened…”

— Marketing Management by Philip Kotler

By definition a marketing/communications plan is a written document that spells out the goals, strategies and tactics to gain and/or maintain a competitive position, as well as the results sought. A good marketing plan is really a living document (and should be treated as such) that defines the action any business needs to take in order to achieve certain goals. A good plan should align with the company’s goals and define how one will reach the target audience.

KIC Malta specialises in creating a structure whereby any organisation or individual can ‘get the message out’ about a policy position, research outcome, project or product. The company’s marketing abilities will certainly aid in creating top notch business plans and dissemination strategies to help identify target groups, enhance the marketing strategy and monitor progress. In this connection, the Company will help you: identify and prioritise certain target groups, in selecting specific communication channels, set up Campaign Metrics and Progress Indicators, enhance your campaign Branding; in the Testing of Key Messages, in terms of Copywriting & Design Services. Having an effective Communication plan will make it possible to target communication accurately. It provides clients with a structure to determine whom they need to reach and how. A plan can be long-term, helping one map out how to raise his/her profile and refine their image in the community over time. A plan will make communication efforts more efficient, effective, and lasting. Moreover, a plan makes everything easier. If KIC is given the opportunity to spend some time planning at the beginning of an effort, the client can save a great deal of time later on since the clients would know exactly what they should be doing at any point in the process. KIC’s typical communication philosophy is based on the following line of thought:


Moreover, KIC’s dissemination plans are second to none. Conducted by experts and vetted by specialists in the field, the plans range from Characterisation of the project to aims and objectives of the Dissemination plans. The Dissemination strategy will generally consist of a good concept together with a Preparatory, Consultation and Sustainability phase. KIC will also aid clients create professional communication channels stemming from Website features to project content, consultation tools and outputs for dissemination. Furthermore, the company will be more than willing to create implementation reports which can monitory both progress and strategy whilst ensuring that the client’s goals are always maintained/fulfilled.


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