Knowledge Innovation Centre takes great pride in outsourcing administrative work at high efficiency and low cost. KIC’s great global networking allows the company to locate the perfect set up which will allow clients to avoid unnecessary expenses whilst still maintaining a high level of performance and quality. KIC particularly specialises in the following services: Data-Entry, Virtual office, Book-keeping and Invoicing.

In today’s world most individuals face financial problems due to mismanagement of funds and improper documentation. To be able to come out, to have a peace of mind and maintain successful financial management of this problem people look for professional help.

Overall, business financial records can be complex and very time-consuming to prepare correctly, weather you are a sole trader or a large Corporation. Your business records need to be prepared accurately and then verified for validity thus doubling the time! Therefore, it is essential for every business to maintain and submit the relevant documentation to meet the Company law requirements as well the Accounting Standard Board. At a minimum, the company’s records must clearly show the business income and summarize transactions through original and supporting documents

The success of a business lies on a good bookkeeping system is based on the source documentation and proper file maintenance in order to prepare the Income and Financial Statements. Bookkeeping is all about numbers. Once complied together in proper classification budget controls can be set in place, reports of various natures can be produce and above all you’ve complied numbers required to be submitted, payments made or to be recovered for tax purposes.

If proper bookkeeping is not in place then the accounting system will fall apart leaving anyone liable to various penalties and fines etc.

Whether you manage your accounts monthly or quarterly, KIC is equipped to provide professional accounting experience — ensuring financial records are accurate, and let clients concentrate on running your business.

Today companies tend to rely on computerized bookkeeping due to convenience. Nevertheless it would be beneficial to the company if the owners understand basic bookkeeping techniques, better still learning the art manually first and learning the concept of bookkeeping before computerizing their system.

The sign of good bookkeeping system is when the company is:-

1.       Able to provide a reliable and timely set of financial records – a critical component of an effectively functioning business.

2.       Able to demonstrate that the necessary disciplines are in place to track taxpayer dollars, mitigate waste and error, and provide meaningful company reports on finances, including what the company own and what the company owe.

3.       Not only able to show that through good bookkeeping the company has yield better performance at the same time be able to use the information attained to make smarter decisions about how to manage their resources.

Bookkeeping is a task that can be executed only with the tools of hard work and intelligent planning. In many cases, it has been noticed that in-house bookkeeper’s get loaded and distracted with other office administrative duties that the day to day bookkeeping routine is overlook. The importance to maintain a strict organized work strategy where bookkeeping is of concern cannot be emphasized because when not followed it can lead to added pressure of work in the month end. Therefore, in order to rectify this flaw many owners are now going for a better alternative of getting bookkeeping services through outsourcing techniques.

KIC specializes in organising an effective Book-keeping/invoicing system. For any simple repetitive task which might include Balance sheet preparation or a cash flow analysis the company will be able to find qualified managers who would be willing to complete the system for clients at a fraction of the cost whilst also maintaining a high quality work. In fact, KIC takes this so seriously, that the company properly vets the hiring of contractors, instructs them to the task pertaining to both strategy and quality control – so all clients need to do is sit back and effectively watch as the system is implemented professionally.

KIC understands that a qualified bookkeeper through a series of bookkeeping techniques will be able to perform the daily entries filing, creating monthly finance reports, scheduling the entire financial year activities and managing the companies’ accounts without problem. This would give the business owner an opportunity to concentrate on other important areas of his business such as retailing, marketing and promotion.

It is wrong to conclude that a company can sincerely dream of achieving heights by selecting from option of bookkeepers. The key is to find the right bookkeeper, is to choose one who knows how to maintain the books in a timely reliable manner not one you can get at the lowest rate. Let KIC take care of this choice! Every projects detail can be transferred through electronic services via the KIC management system which will be implemented so as to ensure that clients can also keep a constant check over the functioning of offered projects.

KIC, having already a vast portfolio of internationally acclaimed bookkeepers and Accountants are associated with various Accounting, Bookkeeping and Payroll firms within Europe and overseas and have gained enough experience in various accounting, bookkeeping and payroll fields. Moreover at times of financial issues incurred in any company, clients can also seek KIC’s advice as we have the expertise of handling complicated bookkeeping tasks.

So, if your company has also maintained a messy bookkeeping management and is not able to fulfill the required bookkeeping duties, then, this could be the perfect time to form business alliance with our company. We are highly qualified and clearly understand the concept of time management. Hence interested clients are assured of getting their jobs done in the specified duration.

Why worry about your costs? Let KIC handle that to ensure minimal expenses and great customer satisfaction!


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