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[su_accordion] [su_spoiler title=”Communications Plan design, Implementation and Monitoring” style=”fancy”]By definition a marketing/communications plan is a written document that spells out the goals, strategies and tactics to gain and/or maintain a competitive position, as well as the results sought. A good marketing plan is really a living document (and should be treated as such) that defines the action any business needs to take in order to achieve certain goals. A good plan should align with the company’s goals and define how one will reach the target audience.
read more [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Social Media Strategy Consultancy and Implementation” style=”fancy”]One way of ensuring you organisation always maintains an edge is to ensure you have in place a great Social Media Strategy. In this connection, KIC can provide consultancy on this initiative to help you maintain a good online presence, deliver key messages via social media, monitor and control messages on social media whilst ensuring that you can continuously monitor feeds / trends which concern you directly. We will help you adapt and create content for your Social Media requirements.
read more [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Business Process and Back-office outsourcing” style=”fancy”]Knowledge Innovation Centre takes great pride in outsourcing administrative work at high efficiency and low cost. KIC’s great global networking allows the company to locate the perfect set up which will allow clients to avoid unnecessary expenses whilst still maintaining a high level of performance and quality. KIC particularly specialises in the following services: Data-Entry, Virtual office, Book-keeping and Invoicing. In today’s world most individuals face financial problems due to mismanagement of funds and improper documentation. To be able to come out, to have a peace of mind and maintain successful financial management of this problem people look for professional help.
read more [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Web application design and support” style=”fancy”]In today’s world, having a great website ensures your visibility and professionalism. Drawing on our experiences of website management – we welcome clients to entrust us with their needs and expectations and allow us to present them a great website for their companies/organisations. Business development is always linked with having a good website. This may be the first line of communication between your company and potential guests or visitors. The great advantage of website development company and website design company is that the website will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be viewed from anywhere in the world. Therefore anyone can collect suitable information from the website at any time.
read more [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Online Event Management” style=”fancy”]Ever wondered how best to manage online events? Look no further than KIC Ltd. We look forward to presenting prospective clients with designs of Event Formats, the Staging and setting up of event-rooms, registrations, training of event-presenters, rehearsals, live-support of event, recording and post-editing, communication with participants throughout event, collecting feedback etc. From online formats and event planners, KIC is more than capable of dealing with the most rigorous of events. More often than not, KIC will commenced by developing a custom-built tool which can be managed by a number of organisations managing the event. The web tool will be user-friendly, cost effective and professional. Moreover, as KIC has worked with a number of consultative groups, the company will also provide on the spot training of the system to introduce stakeholders to its method of management and help people concerned develop an elaborate work plan based on the event. Generally speaking, KIC’s mantra has always been that a successful meeting requires the following roles: an Event Manager, a Community Manager, an Event host, an Event rapporteur, technical support and event speakers. KIC will be more than willing to meet up and discuss planning and logistics to ensure the event is successful.
read more [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Membership/Constituent Relationship Management” style=”fancy”] Imagine a situation where clients need to organise, process, track and record all relationships with their constituents. Not only is it time-consuming but unless there is a correct framework in place, the system might not even function in the first place. In this connection, Knowledge Innovation Centre can help clients keep track of: Contact management, Contributions, Communications, Peer-To-Peer Fundraisers, Advocacy Campaigns, Events, Members, Reports and Case Management. Here at KIC, we have the capabilities of creating a powerful, web-based contact relationship management (CRM) system. This will undoubtedly allow any organisation to record and manage information about the various people and organizations it interacts with. KIC will help you create more than just an address book, but also allow you to track your interactions with people and organizations, engage with constituents, and solicit donations through your website. The information you gather is all stored in one place but you can access it from almost anywhere. Given that KIC understands the needs of NGOs, we therefore emphasize effective communication with individuals, community engagement, activism, outreach, managing contributions, and managing memberships. Moreover, we will ensure that the system created for NGOs is web-based, which means that it can be accessed by many users at the same time from different locations. It has been developed with the international community in mind, and translations and multi-language options are supported.
read more [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Publishing Support” style=”fancy”]  Are you interested in publishing an E-Book? Or a Journal of some sort? Here at KIC, we can help you with designing and layout of your documents, Printing Project-Management, Registration of ISBN-ISSN Numbers, Brand Design (logos, stationary, corporate imagining, brand manual) as well as Proofreading and editing. Here at KIC, we can guarantee that you meet your publishing deadline by managing the entire book or journal production cycle for you. Our project managers can handle all phone and email communication with your authors; manage articles for a journal issue or a major reference work; collate proofs; and work with freelancers, printers, and any other external parties.
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