This Profile of PHE in Europe contains the first step of the work conducted by the HAPHE partnership, namely the outcomes of our activities aiming at Mapping Professional Higher Education in Europe. The first part with Profiles of PHE in Europe provides with the most extensive survey of PHE in particular to date, complete with national profiles of 17 EU member states, specifically: Austria, Belgium (Flemish Community, French Community), Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia and the United Kingdom (England). Based on a standardised template the PHE Country Profiles describe the nature of provision and characteristics of PHE in each of the 16 surveyed countries. The second part with A Typology of PHE in Europe proposes cross-country comparisons, as well as identifies similarities and proposes a typology for classification of the different systems.


Authors: Anthony F. Camilleri, Stefan Delplace, Marek Frankowicz, Raimund Hudak,
Publication Date: 2014
Funded by Project: HAPHE
Keywords: : higher education
Publication Type: : Project Reports, Research Reports


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