The PHExcel project has developed a Draft Quality Framework for Professional Higher Education Excellence. The framework is meant to be a basis to test the feasibility of a label to be awarded to institutions and programmes that prove their excellence in delivering professional higher education. We have developed an approach to test the claim of an institution or programme about their excellence that is set out in the Principles and Guidelines for Assessing and Recognising PHE Excellence.

This document aims to give an overview of the whole process for both the team of international peers and the participating units. It reflects current discussion within the partnership and will be reviewed after the pilot visits.

The report is structured as follows:

  • Chapter 1. Principles for a Review of Excellence;
  • Chapter 2. Roles and Responsibilities of the Team of International Peers;
  • Chapter 3. Case Study Report;
  • Chapter 4. Site Visit;
  • Chapter 5. Assessment Grid;
  • Chapter 6. Guidelines for Reports.


Authors: Lars Ebert
Publication Date: 2015
Funded by Project: PHExcel
Keywords: : higher education
Publication Type: : Research Reports


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