Inspired by the growing interest and progress in implementing SCL, ESU developed a new project
called Peer Assessment of Student-Centred Learning (PASCL), funded with the support of the
European Commission. Started in October 2013, the project aims to re-evaluate the progress of
implementation of SCL, highlight best practices and establish peer assessment procedures for the
implementation of the concept in European higher education institutions.
Overall, PASCL aims at assisting in implementing sound SCL strategies and approaches at
institutional level and fostering a culture of SCL in higher education institutions across Europe.
The main outcome is the development of a framework of criteria for conducting peer-assessment
of the student-centeredness of higher education institutions, which will be used in the awardment
of a label for institutions fulfilling the framework criteria and focus on both enhancement and
rewarding excellence. The project will deploy an online repository with case studies, practical
advice for implementation of SCL and feedback from participating institutions and students.
Joining ESU in the project are UNICA (Institutional Network of the Universities from the
Capitals of Europe), The Finnish Institute for Educational Research at the University of Jyväskylä,
Central European University, Melius and the Knowledge Innovation Centre, as project partners.
The project began by conducting a series of research and surveys, analysing state of play and
highlighting best case practices in European Higher Education Area (EHEA), described in this
publication. The research is focused on policies and efforts to introduce the SCL concept to three
different levels: the European, institutional and student perspective, especially addressing the
question of students’ motivation in taking an active role in co-creating their learning experience.
Each level has been explored separately; the European level through extensive desk research, the
institutional through surveying member institutions of UNICA, and students themselves through a survey on their views of the implementation of SCL in the classrooms of institutions in the EHEA. Altogether this has provided an comprehensive overview of the matter.


Authors: Blazhe Todorovski, Erin Nordal, Tijana Isoski
Publication Date: 2015
Funded by Project: PASCL
Keywords: : higher education
Publication Type: : Research Reports


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