Healthcare centres and training providers, however, as well as all other types of professional training centre at all levels (graduate, post-graduate, specialised, or on-going training), need to find the most effective, efficient way of implementing simulation into their learning processes. Only by achieving this will they ensure their contribution to the creation of more meaningful learning methods that are safer for both professionals and patients alike, methods that will result in the greatest possible impact on the organisation and on the healthcare systems themselves.

For these reasons, and based on the results of the study performed by the SIMBASE European Project, a proposal has been put forward both for the development of this HANDBOOK TO SIMULATION IMPLEMENTATION in centres that incorporate elements considered as critical success factors, as well as for the use of ICTs throughout the development, monitoring and evaluation process in order to ensure maximum impact.


Authors: Teresa Campos García, Yusnelkis Milanés Guisado
Publication Date: 2013
Funded by Project: SIMBASE
Keywords: : higher education
Publication Type: : Research Reports


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