This study was commissioned by the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) to collect data on the various e-competence frameworks in Europe. The study is intended to help the Government make an informed decision on the eventual drafting of a Maltese e-Competence Framework. This process included:

  • Identifying all national e-competence frameworks in Europe through desk research and surveying of e-skills national contact points throughout Europe
  • Presenting usability options for each of the identified frameworks
  • Examining and identifying a lexicon of terminology used in the field, in light of the learning outcomes approach
  • Analysing how industry and education classify job/qualification profiles for certification, recruitment, and promotion purposes.

The focus of the study was specifically on ‘ICT Practitioner Skills’ rather than on ‘ICT User Skills’, i.e., it focused on the comprehensive skill set required for professionals in the ICT sector to successfully conduct their daily jobs to the highest degrees of excellence.


Authors: Anthony F. Camilleri, Justin Fenech
Publication Date: 2011
Keywords: : e-skills
Publication Type: : Consultancy Reports, Research Reports


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