The present draft quality framework for professional higher education excellence is the project’s second outcome, and provides an overview of what is excellence in PHE and how to assess and recognise it.

The draft framework is structured as follows:

  • An Introductory Rationale presents in details the background of our project, as well as our reasons to develop a quality framework for excellence;
  • Chapter 1. Professional Higher Education Excellence defines PHE and excellence in PHE;
  • Chapter 2. Characteristics of Excellence presents domains and characteristics of excellence in PHE;
  • Chapter 3. Assessing and Recognising Excellence introduces the assessment methodology of excellence in PHE.


Authors: Guy Aelterman, Lucien Bollaert, John Butler, Anthony F. Camilleri, Johan Cloet, Jeremy Cox, Stefan Delplace, Simona Dimovska, Cécile Dury, Lars Ebert, Justin Fenech, Marek Frankowicz, Carol Hall, Elfriede Heinen, Regitze Sparre Kristensen, Linda Messas, Martin Prchal, Danutė Rasimavičienė, Isabel Rohner, Blazhe Todorovski, Alexandre Wipf
Publication Date: 2015
Funded by Project: PHExcel
Keywords: : higher education
Publication Type: : Research Reports

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