Effective Approaches to Enhancing the Social Dimension of Education

Despite all intentions in the course of the Bologna Process and decades of investment into improving the social dimension, results in many national and international studies show that inequity remains stubbornly persistent, and that inequity based on socio-economic status, parental …

Professional Higher Education in Europe: Characteristics, Practice Examples & National Differences

phepub_coverThe publications starts out with a short historical view on “academisation” and “professionalisation,” illustrating how much professional higher education (PHE) in Europe has been in flux in the past years. Examples from France and Ireland, are used to argues how …

Radioactive 101: Practices

The report contains many of the common practices developed and refined by participants and RadioActive researchers across this European partnership over the last two years.  And there are several examples of the significant impact felt by some of the individuals …

Profile of Professional Higher Education

This Profile of PHE in Europe contains the first step of the work conducted by the HAPHE partnership, namely the outcomes of our activities aiming at Mapping Professional Higher Education in Europe. The first part with Profiles of PHE in …

PHExcel Brochure 2015


Authors: Alexandre Wimpf
Publication Date: 2015
Funded by Project: PHExcel
Keywords: : higher education
Publication Type: : Project Reports

Briefing Paper on Excellence

The present briefing paper served as the basis for discussions in the expert group that developed the draft quality framework for professional higher education excellence.

It is structured as follows:

  • Chapter 1. Description of Professional Higher Education;
  • Chapter 2. Definition