SIMBASE – Promotion of ICT enhanced Simulation Based Learning in Healthcare

logo-07SimBase brings together public authorities, some of the leading healthcare simulation centres in Europe, technology providers and healthcare trainers to collaboratively promote the implementation of ICT-enhanced simulation training techniques in healthcare courses around Europe. To do so, requires that decision makers in the lifelong learning and public health sectors take decisions to adopt cutting edge technologies and pedagogies, and make significant investment in their application. Thus, the project will provide a rationale and methodology for such policymakers to be able to make and implement decisions in this area.
To this end, an impact assessment model, made up of indicators for training effectiveness, and indicators for contribution to public health priorities, will be developed. The model will further benchmark the ICT-enhanced approaches against more traditional training approaches to quantify their value added.
The project will run four pilots involving the introduction of ICT-enhanced simulation into healthcare courses, in each case:

  • using the model to create an implementation strategy at the institutional/course level
  • Running a course with integrate technology enhanced simulation
  • Comparing the impact of the course against projected results (validating the model) and against traditional approaches

Based on these experiences, SimBase will also produce a Policy-Roadmap for decision-makers wishing to adopt the project approach, together with an implementation guide. To maximise impact and widen adoption further, it will actively seek out new partners through networking the activities, with the aim of signing memoranda of understanding with new organisations so as to develop partnerships which could:

  • Lead to further development of technology enhanced simulation techniques
  • Lead to more widespread adoption of the same techniques
  • Allow institutions to share training facilities
  • Provide funding/political support for further adoption.

KIC’s Role in the Project

KIC has coordinated the dissemination activities, designed, hosted and maintained the website, provided support packs for dissemination activities, methodological advice etc. Particularly it has authored the dissemination plan and monitored/reported dissemination activities. Furthermore, it has served as a consultant to the project coordinator on legal documents, and IP issues.

Services Provided: