RECAPHE – Enhancing Staff Research and Innovation Capacity in Professional Higher Education

Professional Higher Education Institutions play an  important role in enhancing European competitiveness and innovation capacity, especially on the regional level where they  act as connectors and crucial links between the regional SMEs, regional organisations and society.

However,  further support is needed for development and enhancement of staff capacity to engage into applied research & innovation activities, link these to teaching and develop relevant ways for engagement of students in these activities.

The RECAPHE project, therefore, aims to broaden insight and awareness of applied research & innovation activities within Professional Higher Education Institutions in Europe and to create a platform for imparting further competences to research staff and students related to their specific experience and needs.


The main objective of RECAPHE is to strengthen the profile of applied RDI in PHE in Europe, by:

  • Gaining insight into the scope and nature of applied RDI activities within PHE institutions in Europe
  • Distinguishing the different competences required of applied researchers
  • Assisting researchers in RDI to enhance their capacities
  • Providing a clear future vision for applied RDI in Europe and a strategy on how to achieve it.

Main Project Outputs

Develop staff competence profiles for research & innovation, by:

  •  Screening RDI activities conducted by Professional Higher Education Institutions in Europe
  • Developing staff competence profiles for RDI  to clearly distinguish the different competences that are required from applied research and innovation in Professional Higher Education Institutions.

Create training materials for PHE research & innovation professionals, by:

  • Defining specific learning activities based on the defined staff competences for research & innovation, which can be used to acquire these competences, structured as a common curriculum
  • Creating a course aimed at staff and students who are engaged in research & innovation, made up of a set of modular online micro-learning units, each of which will allow participants to master a specific competence relevant to their requirements

Compile a Report on RDI for PHE, by:

  • Summarising the results of RECAPHE project, including  the structured list of RDI skills and a concise description of the RECAPHE course modules
  • Formulating policy recommendations related to the distinct profile of RDI research with suggestions on  how this profile may be strengthened within institutions, regions, countries and on the European level