#Multinclude – Multiplying Evidence-Based Strategies for Inclusion

The project #Multinclude – Multiplying evidence based strategies for inclusion intends to help educational organizations to deploy strategies to create inclusive environments for youth, in order to develop their sense of belonging in school, their communities and society.

It focuses on inclusion in education that leads to the successful completions of secondary education and progressing to tertiary education.

#Multinclude contributes to the dissemination of good practices in inclusive education. It brings
together operators of successful practices with those of prospective initiatives to stimulate a positive feedback loop whereby they support each other in strengthening/starting such initiatives, to improve their equity profiles.


The activities in the project are split in 6 different pathways (outputs), each with specific task:

  • DETECT: To understand the landscape of inclusion; we collected 70 cases of initiatives which are enhancing access to, participation in and completion of education up to Higher Education, for learners from disadvantaged groups. Learn more
  • ANALYSE: We analyzed those cases and created a typology of approaches to inclusion, to answer questions such as: What policy elements allow interventions to thrive? What organizational policies lead to success? Which methodologies have the highest effectiveness and efficiency? Learn more
  • EXCHANGE: We built a learning community which consists of a blogs written by our community members in which they reflect upon inclusion; a learning community network; an open education resource database; and a series of webinars to highlight cases of best practice. Learn more
  • IMPACT: We developed a scoring matrix for inclusion strategies, which allows schools to evaluate the scope, comprehensiveness, and effectiveness of their inclusion strategies and make changes accordingly. Learn more
  • MULTIPLY: We transferred the lessons learned on inclusive practices in schools to teachers, through the creation of a freely available online course which trains teachers on how to use their school’s inclusion strategies as starting points to improve inclusive practices in the classroom.  Learn more
  • INSPIRE: Our outreach programme (Lecture Tour) informs the general public about successful interventions for inclusion, while reaching out to academics and experts in the field, for the purpose of promoting our work, and have them adopt it and take it further. Learn more