We offer these services

Funding Source Scouting
The EU provides funding and grants for a broad range of projects and programmes covering areas such as education, health and consumer protection. Funding is managed according to strict rules to ensure that there is tight control over how funds are used and that funds are spent in a transparent, accountable manner. EU funding is complex, since there are many different types of programmes managed by different bodies. Over 76% of the EU budget is managed by the member countries. This includes the structural funds – which finance regional policy, social and training programmes, as well as agriculture (including support for farmers).
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Project Plan Design
Planning a good project is vital in order to ensure a professional structure during all stages of the work involved. Perhaps, project planning is often undervalued – but time and time again, contracts awarded on the basis of a good methodology, a coherent structure and impeccable wording. These are certainly vital traits when dealing with EU grants and other projects. In this connection, KIC is well versed in the creation and setting up of detailed work-plans – aimed at achieving the desired project outputs (in line with European Commission recommendations and best practices).
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Partner Search
Partner searching is undertaken meticulously in order to identify appropriate partners for EU-funded multilateral projects. KIC wants clients to increase their success rates in grants application. Therefore, whether a prospective client is an NGO, a Local Authority, University or SME in Europe, Asia, Africa or USA, KIC strives to provide all the tools needed for designing and managing successful proposals while respecting the client’s targets. Together, we are committed towards pioneering a new way of working, building and boosting projects. Through the company’s vast knowledge of EU Networks, KIC can help clients market a project idea directly with specific partners whilst conducting initial negotiations as to involvement in a consortium. We can also ensure that the project is listed directly in a partner-search database. KIC can also assist clients in promoting the project at information days/seminars based of course on their needs and objectives. Since KIC offers a variety of experience in different projects, the company can help prospective clients search for partners via the Company database so that clients can also start building up a good contact list.
Bid Writing
Imagine getting your bid letter written by a person who has never written a bid before or better a person who knows what the contract is about but isn’t able to put it into words. A Bid letter written in such a manner lacks the power to attract and keep the client hooked to the letter. On the other hand, a professional Bid writing service, provided by experts in the field, can help you and your organisation to save time and money which would have otherwise been wasted and, ultimately, better spent doing what you are best at. Bid writing is KIC’s trump card. The company is well versed in preparing professional project methodologies, outputs, budget plans and compiling administrative information. KIC takes care of the Management of commenting and review rounds amongst all project partners. With the kind of expertise we have in bid writing, we are bound to present a professional and winning product.
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Project Management Support
KIC’s expertise in this particular field of Projects also extends to Management and organization . We draw upon our experience to provide our clients with project co-ordination whilst providing guidelines for professional financial and administrative reporting. We will help all clients with their co-ordination of project tasks which involves: the mapping of project processes, the monitoring of progress, continuous risk analysis and communication with partners.
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Dissemination and Quality Assurance Work Package Management
The company offers professional co-ordination for dissemination and exploitation in EU Projects. This mainly involves Project Branding, publishing of project deliverables, identification of dissemination venues and coordination of participation with project partners; audience targeting; impact assessment and reporting of dissemination activities (supported by custom-developed tools); preparation of promotional materials (posters, brochures, stands etc.); stakeholder mapping (supported by custom-developed tools); Intellectual Property Management as well as Licensing and Exploitation Agreements.
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Research and Policy / Advocacy Support
The Company regularly undertakes Commission research for evidence-based policy making whilst also interpreting research for policy advocacy purposes. KIC can be trusted with the identification and Recruitment of Experts to assist with the client’s specific research area. KIC’s areas of speciality include: Education & Training, Quality Assurance and Control, Innovation – Entrepreneurship – Research Policy, Information Society; Creation of Policy Briefs summarising research or EU policies in a field; Design of Advocacy Packs based on Research / Policy. Company representatives would be more than willing to meet up to discuss further research initiatives or partnerships as we take great pride in ensuring our support for your endeavours.