Creating Conditions for Educational Data Interoperability

The presentation uses examples including the learner mobility wallet being developed as part of the ASEAN Share programme, the digital credentials system developed for the ICE Institute in Indonesia and the Europass system in Europe to analyse the preconditions required …

The Micro-Credential Users’ Guide

The Micro-Credential (MC) Users’ Guide offers guidelines for implementing short learning programmes at institutional level and provides links to useful tools, such as the Open Education Passport and Credit Supplement and other supporting documents. The MC User’s Guide takes into …

e-Competence Frameworks

This study was commissioned by the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) to collect data on the various e-competence frameworks in Europe. It was intended to help Government make an informed decision on the eventual drafting of a Maltese e-Competence Framework.

Context of Collaboration in Higher VET in Europe: National Cases from England, Flanders, Czechia, Denmark, Germany and the Basque Country

The publication examines the cooperation within the strategic triangle of Educational Institutions, Enterprises and Students in England, Flanders, Czechia, Denmark, Germany and the Czech Republic. Within each of these nations, the publication examines the systems of higher vocational education, provides …

Apprenticeship Quality Toolkit

The Apprenticeship Quality Toolkit follows a quality management system style approach as defined by ISO. It is designed considering the need to control eight critical processes within professional Higher Education and SMEs. It Includes sections on:

For Professional Higher Education

Scope of Micro-Credentials in Europe

Understanding current levels of provision, strategies and future plans with regards to micro-credentials (Survey results are available here).…

ECCOE at EDEN2020 G4 Synergy Session

In June 2020, the ECCOE project was presented in the Synergy session at the online EDEN Annual Conference. This was a great opportunity not only to give a short overview of ECCOE, but also to get to know what other …

Evolving Diversity: An overview of equitable access to Higher Education in Europe

The report gives a general overview of the access to Higher Education in Europe, including entry into Higher Education, equity as defined by socioeconomic background, income and expenditure of students in HE and the effect of work on studies.