KIC has 3 projects and 1 staff member nominated for the CEN-CENELEC Standards + Innovation Awards 2021

The CEN-CENELEC Standards + Innovation Awards were created in 2019 to acknowledge the important contribution of research and innovation to standardization and celebrate the contributions of researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs to standardization.

Nominations for these awards comes from the CEN and CENELEC national members of the 34 European countries.

Awards are presented in 4 categories:

  • Project award presented annually to a European research / innovation project (H2020 / Horizon Europe) who successfully contributes to standardization.
  • Individual researcher/innovator presented annually to an individual who successfully introduces her/his research outcome or innovation into standardization, thereby creating impact for her/his work
  • Young Researcher presented annually to an individual student, under 30 years of age, based on the work done for academic theses, doctoral dissertations or other university research project addressing standardization.
  • Technical Body Officer biennial award presented to a technical body officer (Secretary, Chair, Convenor) who actively and successfully collaborated with researchers/innovators within his/her technical body.

At the 2021 edition of the CEN-CENELEC Standards + Innovation Awards, the British Standards Institute (BSI), the United Kingdom (UK) national standardization body and CEN member for UK, has nominated the HEALINT project (and its follow-up project HEALINT4ALL) for the Project Award category, for their contribution to IWA 35:2020 Quality of learning environments for students in healthcare professions – Requirements for healthcare education providers in care settings (which was based on the HEALINT Protocol, published in 4 languages). By its turn, Instituto Português da Qualidade (IPQ) the Portuguese national standardization body and CEN member for Portugal, has nominated the VET21001 project for the same  award category, for its contribution to ISO TS 21030 Educational organizations – Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of educational organizations management systems (currently under development at ISO CASCO/TC 232 JWG 58), which was based on the VET21001 Protocol. Additionally, IPQ also nominated Sandra Feliciano, a Research Associate at KIC, for the Technical Body Officer award category, for her 13 years of continued contributions for national, European and international standardization and the bridges built between the worlds of academia and of standardization.

The nominations will be evaluated during the summer by a panel of international Experts and the results will be known in the autumn.

More information on the benefits of partnerships between the research community and the standardization community can be consulted in the CEN-CENELEC website Standards + Innovation.