International Training of Trainers on Sustainable Education at the ITC/ILO in Torino

KIC has led a workshop at the International Training of Trainers Forum was held at the ITC/ILO in Torino, Italy from November 7th – November 11th 2016, where partecipants from all over the world have been discussing possible futures for education. The International Training of Trainers Forum is a recurring network and capacity development event that serves as a meeting place for capacity development policy makers, practitioners, trainers, facilitators, knowledge brokers, chief learning officers and staff development specialists. The Forum in Torino explored innovative learning ecologies throughout the entire learning management cycle and provided specialist tracks for those who want to know more about transformational learning, visual learning, mobile learning and gamification. The Forum was divided in three themes: Scaling up, Connecting and Innovating.  The purpose of this Forum is to facilitate knowledge exchange on sustainable learning solutions with a focus on Learning Innovation.

KIC’s Anthony F .Camilleri moderated a workshop on Learning Impact on Quality Assurance where a part of the discussion evolved around social and technological changes that might have an impact on quality assurance in education and some possible future scenarios. Participants focused on trends that may transform Quality Assurance in the future.

Together, participants explored the role learning analytics & big data may play in the the quality assurance of teaching. They also examined the new concept of quality assurance of qualifications and credentials – namely how the concepts of usability, portability and verification can be achieved using technlogies such as blockchain. Finally, participants forecase how opening up quality assurance data might be able to transform educational choice, by allowing potential students to compare and contrast the quality of courses rather than rely on marketing materials from institutions to make decisions about choosing their education.


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