When we left our home countries early last week, the weather forecast was heavy rain and thunderstorms in Malta, so the warm sunshine that welcomed the MicroHE and OEPass partners at Valletta airport was a nice surprise and a good starting point for our 4 days of intense work.

Since the two projects started in November 2017 this was the third time we met face to face. Although by this point we knew much better what professional experience and expertise we’re bringing to the table, and how we can best work together, we still had to assign a fair amount of time to discussions of terminology and the finer details of expected outcomes, as these issues continue to reveal new angles of views as we go about the implementation of the work plans’ activities. There is no doubt that the goals of the two sister initiatives are very ambitious, but our own observations, and the external feedback we receive from our target audiences, prove that the results will be well worth our efforts.

After an expert workshop held on Monday afternoon with 0xcert CEO, Kristijan Sedlak, and the subsequent consultation with the OEPass partnership, the MicroHE project now has the basis of a tech solution to facilitate portability of micro-credentials. When ready, we will call this instrument the Credential Clearinghouse. If you’re interested at being amongst the first testers of its Beta version, please get in touch.

We also finished the internal testing of the OEPass Learning Passport, and after having discussed the conclusions in Malta, and producing the second iteration of this promising tool, a small team will be testing it with the 2018 EDEN Research Workshop participants on the 25th of October. We wish that this will be an important step towards making the recognition of open learning a reality across Europe. The workshop in Barcelona is only the start of the Learning Passport’s public testing phase, please let us know if you would like to participate.