Vlado Milosevic
Project manager
Vlado is a recent KIC employee. He did his studies in electrotechnical engineering and has worked in several laboratories on various power engineering topics, mostly in renewable energy sources. Since then, he has worked at international corporations where he headed scaling of innovative programs. In parallel he founded several companies, helped run a financial fund and an incubator, helped setup CONDA Adriatic financing platform and several other ventures.
Aside from working at KIC, Vlado is a part of a great if not the best musical group in the making called The Jammocrats! :)
Currently he is a project manager responsible for the LCAMP project, specifically WP8 which covers the setup of the actual platform and architecture. LCAMP will enable individuals, employeers and educators to more easily tranistion into the era of advanced manufacturing, which will require as much as 50% of people to re-qualify in order to be included into the modern manufacturing workforce.

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