Lucija Vihar
Research and Development Associate

Lucija’s eclectic career choices have prior to KIC lead her from being the secretary and publicist of the Edinburgh University Psychology Society, an associate researcher at executive search firm Perrett Laver, where she focused on increasing diversity within the Higher Education sector, and working in marketing of a start-up creating educational apps for children with special needs (and in previous lives also dabbled in being a kaleidoscope expert, a strawberry picker, and a light technician for student parties).

She studied Psychology at the University of Edinburgh, holds an MSc in Behaviour Change from University College London, and is currently pursuing an MA in Reconciliation from the University of Winchester. Passionate about peace and dialogue pedagogy, she is a member of Rodeemos el Diálogo, a transnational organisation supporting the peace process in Colombia through the culture of dialogue.

She is fluent in English, German and Slovene, is attempting to become a Spanish speaker, and has recently learned a sentence in Mandarin, making her believe that everything is possible.

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