KIC at the eLearning for Human Capacity Development conference


The National eLearning Center organised the International Conference eLearning for Human Capacity Development conference from 24-27 January, 2022, where local and global experts were discussing the future of eLearning and its impact on human capability development to build globally competitive citizens in Saudi Arabia.

The conference aimed at utilizing eLearning in human capability development, discussing and addressing the key challenges related to human capability development and eLearning opportunities, upskilling, reskilling and lifelong learning.

The conference was addressing the flexible pathways and micro-credentials and their role in enhancing skills and achieving the alignment between the learning outcomes and labour market needs through eLearning, as a key accelerator and enabler in human capability development that aims to meet future requirements.

A series of workshops was also conducted during the conference by national and international experts, and practitioners in the field, including a session, titled Micro-Credentials, held on 27 January at 08:30-10:30 CET, that introduced participants to the fundamentals of micro-credentials, definitions, the rationale for micro-credentials, types, and developing competency and skill-based eLearning micro-credentials based on national and international frameworks. The panel shared case studies and relevant examples from a global perspective.

This dedicated workshop, attended by over 450 participants, was delivered by KIC Senior Partner Anthony Camilleri, with the contributions of Henri Pirkkalainen (Associate Professor at Tampere University and representative of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities) and Ildiko Mazar (R&D Associate at KIC), also featuring a presentation of the ECCOE use case on how to facilitate recognition of micro-credentials.