Anthony F. Camilleri

Senior Partner

Anthony works in areas linked to Quality Assurance, Open Learning and Education Management. He is also secretary of the International Standard Organisation PC288/WG1 which is drafting a standard for Quality Management of Educational Organisations. He was previously engaged with EFQUEL in the position of Quality Services Manager. There he managed a set of quality certifications for e-learning including UNIQUe for HEIs and ECBCheck for programmes. In his research, he has been investigating the linkages between higher education, innovation, quality and open education for the last three years, and in particular has been involved with the Open Education Quality Initiative – OPAL and the OERTest Initiative, where he proposed a learning passport model for recognition of credit gained through open learning. Mr. Camilleri has also been active as a QA Reviewer and trainer of QA reviewers around Europe, for a number of different QA institutions in Higher Education.

Justin Fenech

Managing Director

Justin graduated from the University of Malta with a doctorate in Laws. During his time as a student representative he was President of the Maltese National Union of Students (KSU); member of the Management Council of the University of Malta and Chairperson of the European Students Union (ESU). He contributed at top level international conferences hosted by ESU, the European Commission, UNESCO, Council of Europe, OECD, amongst others. Following his graduation he has remained active in the field of Higher Education Policy with special focus on the Bologna Process, Quality Assurance, E-Learning and Euro-Mediterranean collaboration. Aside from his work at KIC, he is also President of Swieqi Football Club and vice-mayor of Swieqi.

Other Staff

Sandra Feliciano

Research Associate

Sandra Feliciano graduated in Social Sciences at the Portuguese Open University, post-graduated in Evaluation in Education at the University of Lisbon and is currently a PhD candidate in Business, Economy and Society at the University of Alicante. She has over 20 years of experience with quality management applied to complex sectors where the human factor is critical, such as Education, Health and Social Care Services, Government and Aerospace, and is an experienced international consultant and trainer as well as a qualified Evaluator and Auditor for several Accreditation and Certification schemes in these sectors. Aside from her work at KIC, she is also a part-time Lecturer at the School of Management and Technology of Porto Polytechnic, where she teaches Standardization, Quality Management, Human Resources Management and Management Systems Audits at Master level. Having worked with policy making and national, European and international standardization since 2008, she recently represented Portugal and Angola at ISO/TC176 during the last revision of ISO 9001 and lead the development of ISO 21001:2018, the first ISO Management System Standard for Educational Organizations. More information can be retrieved from her LinkedIn page.

Ivana Stanojev

Project & Communications Associate

Ivana has been working since 2007 as a  project officer and a researcher for various Serbian NGO’s and Government agencies, as well as for international/intergovernmental organizations, on projects dealing with democratization and inclusive governance, youth and non-formal education. In 2012 she began her career as an election observer with OSCE/ODIHR, where she still works in the capacity of  Long Term Observer and Parliamentary Liaison Officer, on various elections in Europe and Central Asia. Ivana has academic background in sociology and conflict studies. She currently lives in Ljubljana and aside from her work at KIC, she also works with several NGOs as a project manager and a researcher, focusing on civic-tech and education for democratic citizenship.

Tara Drev


Tara graduated as a Media Technician from the School of Engineering, Mechatronics and Medias, as an Engineer of Media Production from the
Institute and Academy of Multimedia and is currently a student of Graphic Design at the Faculty of Design at the University of Ljubljana . She is highly motivated and dedicated to her work, where she strives for simplicity and clarity. She believes that every project is an opportunity for making new experiences. For the past few years she has been involved in different design projects, which gave her priceless experiences, a lot of motivation and tons of knowledge. It is in her nature to always learn, to be fascinated with the little things in life, to travel and to be passionate with life itself.

Ildiko Mazar

Research & Development Associate

Ildiko has worked in the field of open & distance education and e-learning since 1998, accumulating particularly significant experience in the authoring and management of EU co-funded projects. She has a deep understanding and knowledge of past and current funding and reporting mechanisms, and enjoys collaborating with project partners across borders, cultures and various educational and training sectors.

By choice, she is a digital native. She loves using technologies and making a contribution to their widespread practical application in education and learning. She’s an enthusiastic and engaging presenter who is approachable and always happy to support those ‘every day’ educational practitioners who wish to learn more about edtech. Over the course of her career she has also learned not only to differentiate between robust and impracticable ICT solutions, but also how to identify when changes in policies and practices are needed, or desirable, to enable progress.