A message from our Founders – our response to COVID-19

Europe wakes up this morning to a silent breeze. Streets are deserted, school playgrounds are silent and workplaces abandoned as we are all asked to do our parts. Across the continent, employers and educational institutions are enacting contingency plans, experimenting with flexitime and trying out e-learning for the first-time. As a company who practices highly flexible work-practices, KIC is more prepared than most.

However, this is not a time for smugness. Everyone who works at KIC is passionate about education, and logs on today because we strongly believe in changing and modernising our education systems. For this reason, even during crisis we will not close down, but will continue working from our various homes as we have always done.

This said, in the immediate future educational consultancy cannot, by any definition, be considered a critical service. Every one of us has children, partners, parents or neighbours that require help, company or consolation. KIC is directing its staff to be good citizens first, and good employees second. All our staff members are being offered 100% paid special leave to take as necessary as long as the crisis lasts.

To all our various partners around Europe, we will remain engaged in our joint projects as far as is practicable, but as we turn our focus temporarily to more urgent goals, we will inform you as necessary of possible delays in non-critical tasks.

Stay home and Wash your hands like lives depend on it. They literally do.

Anthony & Justin

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