We cordially invite you to take part in The Inclusiveness Meetup at Osnabrueck University – the first of four #IBelong Multiplier Events. The idea behind Inclusiveness Meetups is to bring together various stakeholders in the higher education field, and open up discussion on the best approaches towards greater inclusion in higher education. Participants will have the chance to engage in fruitful discussions and take part in two workshops that have been developed as part of #IBelong project.

The project ‘Towards a sense of belonging in an inclusive learning environment’ (#IBelong) aims at improving the experiences and outcomes of students from diverse backgrounds through creating a more inclusive learning environment in higher education. We focus on migrant students and first generation entrants in higher education in particular considering the performance gap these students experience in higher education across Europe. In the #IBelong project we build a programme of interventions to develop a sense of belonging among higher education students irrespective of their diversity, thereby increasing student retention and promoting a fair chance of succeeding.

The focus of the first Meetup at Osnabrueck University in Germany – is on the three #IBelong pillars of interventions towards a sense of belonging in higher education as being implemented at the four universities involved. Interventions will be presented in form of workshops, and participants of the Meetup are invited to select two workshops of their preference (W1: Dialogue Days/ W2: Team Teacher Reflections/ W3: Student Community Mentoring)

Via the sharing of the #IBelong interventions and first results we hope to connect practitioners, policy makers, researchers and experts on the subjects of higher education and inclusive learning environments.

Registeration is mandatory, on the links below: https://ibelong.eu/news-events/osnabrueck-meetup/  ; for German version: https://ibelong.eu/news-events/uos-meetup/